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Universal Orlando Tickets

Universal Orlando is one of the most famous locations in Orlando and is truly a “must go” if you are visiting the area. Universal Studios is where you feel like you’re a star in some of your favorite movies when you are riding the movie themed attractions such as Twister…Ride it Out, Revenge of the Mummy, The Blues Brothers, Disaster, Jaws, Men in Black, E.T. Adventure, Terminator and more! The overall theme of Universal Studios makes you feel like you are traveling though three popular locations: New York, San Francisco, and Hollywood. Universal Studios also has Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone, a place for kids to have fun watching shows, riding rides, and playing in the playground. Along with some of Universal Studios famous rides there are also famous shows including Shrek 4D, Beetlejuice’s Rock ‘n Roll Graveyard Revue, Fear Factor Live (seasonal), Animal Actors on Location!, Universal Horror Make-Up show, Universal 360 (seasonal) and more. If you are vacationing to Orlando or even a resident it’s highly recommended that you have some fun at Universal Studios.

In walking distance of the theme park is Islands of Adventure, another theme park featuring Marvel Comic themed roller coasters, Jurassic Park themed ride and attractions, a Dr. Seuss children play area and many more attractions and rides. Tickets to both of these parks may be purchased separate or you can purchase a ticket which grants admission into both parks.

Another great feature in walking distance of the theme parks is City Walk which has no admission fee to get in. City Walk has an endless amount of nightlife and restaurants with some of the finest food in Orlando. If you plan on enjoying this area to the fullest extent you might want to consider booking a room at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort or Hard Rock Hotel. The hotels are the closest resorts to both parks and City Walk and we also offer great deals on reservations! Universal Orlando is a great place to go no matter what age you are!

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Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Studios

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Universal Stuidos

Universal Studios puts you in the seat of your favorite movie so you can feel the action just like the actors did when they were filming. Be sure to check out every ride at Universal Studios because they are all very unique in their own ways. Apart from the rides at Universal Studios you can also find an assortment of shows as well as activities and games.

Shrek 4D

Place yourself right in the middle of an action-packed fairy tail adventures with your favorite characters from the Shrek Movies. You will be watching this fairy tale in OgreVision where you'll feel every bump, mist of water, fireball, and more.

Universal Studios - Shrek 4D

The Simpsons Ride

Join The Simpsons in a simulator as they swoop, soar and smash their way in and around Krustyland in this ride. Be prepared to laugh your hardest with America's favorite animated family.

Universal Studios - The Simpsons

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Universal Studios newest ride brings you straight up 17 stories and down and around the park through buildings and around a record breaking loop

Universal Studios - Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Islands of Adventure

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Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure offers some of the most intense roller coasters in Orlando, Once you step into the gates you're in for a thrill no matter what you decide to do! You can hear the screams from the passengers on The Hulk, the motors revving from the all terrain vehicles at the Marvel parade, and even the laughter from the street performances.
The Hulk

Feel the rage of The Hulk while being launched from 0mph - 40mph in 2 seconds flat as you hold on through the loops, twists, and turns. And make sure you smile for the camera halfway through the ride!

Islands of Adventure - The Hulk

Jurassic Park

Tour around the park in a raft that takes you through the bushed and down the river as you are guided to see dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures and be surprised for a extreme ending. Make sure to soak up every minute of this ride, after all it did take 65 million years to make!

Islands of Adventure - Jurassic Park

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

Join Marvel's mightiest superheroes and help take on the world's most powerful villains as you soar behind Spider-Man through the narrow city buildings.

Islands of Adventure - Spider-Man

Dueling Dragons

Choose which side you would like to ride on as you battle it out with the opposing side, winding around and having close encounters with the other side.

Islands of Adventure - Dueling Dragons

City Walk
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City Walk

City Walk is where you want to be if you are looking for a great place for night life. We offer a Club Pass which grants you access to every club at City Walk for one price rather than paying for each club individually, the Club Pass also comes included in many of our Discount Universal Tickets
Bob Marley-A Tribute to Freedom

Feel the vibe of relaxing reggae music as you step into the the nightclub you leave your worries at the door. Sit back and enjoy yourself or groove on the dance floor.

City Walk - Bob Marley

Hard Rock Live

Stop by and enjoy some live performances at the Hard Rock Live, Who knows maybe your favorite band or artist may be on tour during your stay!

City Walk - Hard Rock Live

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

A small chain of seafood restaurants that packs a big taste, You can enjoy some of the greatest seafood in Orlando before or after partaking in City Walk festivities.

City Walk - Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Universal Cineplex 20, an AMC Theatre

Sit back in your movie chair and enjoy one of the latest box office hit's after the parks close or before you roam around City Walk.

City Walk - Universal Cineplex

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Universal Hotels

Universal Orlando is a great place to be, in fact it's so great most people don't even like to leave! You can book a hotel room near the Universal Orlando so you don't miss a second of the thrills and action. There are 3 hotels near Universal Orlando and we offer great prices on each of them.
Loews Royal Pacific Resort

The closest hotel to Islands of Adventure and City Walk. You wont have to walk far to go to Islands of Adventure in the morning or come back from City Walk at night.

Hotels - Loews Royal Pacific Resort Two Bedroom suite

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

A nice hotel located on a bay where you can enjoy the peaceful setting of the bay area in beautiful structured buildings.

Hotels - Loews Portofino Bay Hotel Two Bedroom suite

Hard Rock Hotel

The most rockin' hotel in Orlando, there's always a party going on at the Hard Rock so you're sure to not miss a thing if you stay there.

Hotels - Hard Rock Hotel Two Bedroom suite