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SeaWorld Tickets

The Deep Blue Ocean Is Waiting

Man is drawn to it every day..
Some like to gaze at the ebb and flow..
Whatever the reasons are -
SeaWorld will take you below the surface beyond you wildest expectations

SeaWorld, Orlando's premier theme park with two hundred acres of under-water sea adventure for the whole family is notorious for close encounters with mysterious animals of the deep. State-of-the-art rides with unparalleled thrills will keep your family coming back for years to come when you purchase our Discount SeaWorld Tickets.

Without question, Shamu is by far the star of the show with his theatrical performances of standing on his tummy, waving his flippers, pointing his tail skyward, begging for a few buckets of fish and soaking the audience by splashing gallons of water playfully at children.

SeaWorld is erasing all boundaries allowing guests to explore the deep blue through shows like Blue Horizons, Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island, A'Lure, Call of the Ocean, and One Ocean, starring Shamu!

With Shamu's Happy Harbor, SeaWorld has put a new spin on the word family entertainment. Children can play and go on rides such as Shamu Express, Sea Carousel, Jazzy Jellies, and Ocean Commotion.

For teens, Seaword Orlando is featuring a new ride, Shamu Rocks which highlights music and videos from high profile artists such as Shakira, Rascal Flatts Savage Garden, Jennifer Lopez and many more.

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SeaWorld Shows and Attractions

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Follow along with the life journey of a young penguin named "Puck" as he faces the perils of his harsh habitat, the frozen world of Antarctica. Be transported down to the most mysterious continent on the planet when you purchase Discount SeaWorld Tickets.

One Ocean

The magnificent king of the ocean wants to bring delight and joy to your day and take you on a inspiring journey below the depths of the sea. Let Shamu stir up a spirit of curiosity and wonder so that you can believe. This is a captivating and visually stunning story with the message that we are all connected in one world, one ocean. Be transported down to the depths of the sea to a fantastic wonderland of adventure and intrigue when you purchase Discount SeaWorld Tickets.

Blue Horizons
The ocean floor has become the stage and your in the show to witness a amazing underwater adventure. Immerse yourself in this orchestrated underwater circus with performing acrobatic dolphins & whales, soaring birds, and intriguing displays of water. You'll be inspired by this theatrical performance where the sea meets the sky.

SeaWorld's latest attraction has you discover what it would be like to "be a turtle" and in spectacular fashion. This unprecedented attraction has you follow the daring life journey of sea turle from hatching on the beach to returning to beach to start the cycle of life again. The attraction takes place in state of the domed theater that provides 360 degree, 3-D, hyper-real experience. This is a "can't miss" joy ride for the whole family.

Manta lets you find out what it's like to spin, glide, skim and fly like a giant ray when you experience the only flying roller coaster of its kind in the world. A seamless blend of up-close animal encounters with a head-first, face-down thrill ride, Manta is an adventure only SeaWorld could create. From the ground, this flying coaster seems to glide effortlessly through the skies. Those who've braved its intense motions know this Manta as a monster of the sea. Riders are taunted by a head-first, face-down inverted nosedive ...and that's just the beginning. This powerful ray leads bold adventurers on a journey to experience the full force and power of riding the high seas, all on one of the smoothest tracks in the world.

Born from tales that struck terror in sailors for centuries, SeaWorld's mighty Kraken is a monster coaster like no other. Consistently ranked one of the world's top coasters by ride enthusiasts, this blazing fast floorless steel coaster rises high above the horizon, daring you to take it on. The mythological beast has been unleashed to lift you higher, drop you longer, and spiral you faster than any other coaster in Orlando. All without that piece of equipment standard on lesser coasters: a floor.

Journey to Atlantis
At first glance, it seems like and ordinary ride, but this is no ordinary ride, part roller-coaster and part water slide, try and escape from the grasp of the spirits from the city of Atlantis. Voyage to the bottom of the depths and view for the first time, hidden treasure and a magical sea horse. Dare to ride, test your fear, cling on tight, stress your senses, get ready for a pulse pounding ride that will push you to limits. The ocean floor has become the stage and your in the middle of all the excitement and thrills with a purchase of Discount SeaWorld Tickets.

Waterfront at night is one of the most amazing array of themes and restaurants. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of an eclectic venue filled with festivity and vibrancy. SeaWorld Tickets for the Waterfront give you access to an array of entertainment venues and restaurants including Under the Sun, Seafire Inn, Voyager's Smokehouse, Seaport Pizza, Groove Chef's, Allura's Treasure Trove, SanBar, Freeza's and a whole lot more.