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Capone's Dinner & Show!

Capones Dinner & ShowBe transported back to the 30's era of prohibition where the notorious gangster & bootlegger Al Capone ruled the north side of Chicago. Let Capone's Dinner & Show Cabaret immerse you into Al's speakeasy for an evening of surprises, innuendos, and live entertainment.

Rated as Orlando's best dinner show of the year, Capone's takes you back to a bygone era of Gangland Chicago with a delightful mixture of comedy, song, dance, and theatre. Capone's waiters are Italian thugs capable of any kind of mischief in a moments notice. So beware less they pull one of their famous capers on you!!.

Capone's has a warm atmosphere filled with laughter and good food. But the reality is there are ill-mannered waiters, crap shooters, notorious crime bosses, and frisky customers a midst. Don't be surprised to see the notorious Bugs Moran casing the joint clad with white shoes, pinstriped suit and a white hat. "Hey you's, get ya ticket foist, den get in line" shouts Bugs Moran.

Let Bunny, Honey & Sunny with their 30's black & red outfits sporting black hats entertain you with their their Chicago style tap dance. As they sing "get yourself an old man", the dingy blond Bunny June clearly stands out as the star of the show. As the storyline goes, Bunny June lived in Brooklyn NY when Fingers (wise guy) discovered her and it was love at first sight. Unbeknownst to him was her sisters intentions to come to live with her in Chicago. Now she must break the news to her newly-wed crap-shooting husband. Trouble will break out in this hilarious new sequel.

Bugs Moran & Miss Jewel

Bugs Moran, his gal Miss Jewel & sisters

"Without a doubt, Capone's is a first-class act, entertaining, and suspenseful. We especially enjoyed the tasteful wise guy remarks from our waiter. Food was scrumptious, all you can eat.  I recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves Cabaret."

Momma Capones fresh Italian MealAs Al's special guest, Momma Capone's will prepare a freshly cooked all-you-can-eat Italian feast each night. Capone's offers an upscale cuisine of fresh tossed green salad, Fettuccini Alfredo, steaming mash potatoes with gravy, roast turkey & dressing, pot roast, Italian sausage, peppers, onions, corn, macaroni & cheese, large chunk of turkey, piping hot green beans, lasagna, and bread sticks.

With plates overflowing, invited guests head back to their tables in the pleasantly romantic, boisterous, speakeasy theatre. "You's sit hea so ya can stuff ya face" shouts the blunt waitress with a Chicago accent.

Not only does Momma Capon prepare an exquisite Italian-American feast, but Al offers unlimited Bud Light draft, Cape Cods, White Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay wines, and much more. Don't miss the hilarious and zany adventure with the mob at Capone's speakeasy Show & Dinner Cabaret.