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Although Busch Gardens is not directly in Orlando it is still a very popular location among visitors. Busch Gardens has 6 major features that the guests enjoy the most, these features include the rides, shows, animal attractions, other attractions, up-close tours, and dining. Each one of these attractions is unique and completely different than a traditional Orlando attraction which makes Busch Gardens a great experience for people all around the world.

In Busch Gardens you will find eye catching rides that are daring just to look at. The newest of them all is Cheetah Hunt, and it has become an instant favorite among visitors, however its brother and sister coasters are not forgotten. The others include SheiKra, Montu, Gwazi, Kumba, and Scorpion. All feature thrills beyond believe, many people are also fascinated with Gwazi’s wooden structure. For those who enjoy the water rides there are great Congo River Rapids, Stanley Falls, and Tanganyika Tidal Wave which are all multi rider attractions. The Sand Serpent and Rhino Rally are great rides for children and those who would like to learn more about the animals in the park.

Busch Gardens also has some amazing shows that are offered year-round. Enjoy Iceploration, Busch Gardens' biggest ice show ever. The 30-minute show combines some of the most amazing aspects of the park’s rich entertainment history, including world-class skaters, larger-than-life puppets, amazing costumes, original music and even animal stars. There is also Critter Castaways, a show full of family fun and studded with stars that were created when our expert animal trainers turned their attention toward some rescued and shelter animals. Finally, check out A is for Africa, a musical performance that brings tales of imagination and adventure to life starring Elmo, Abby, Zoe, Grover and Cookie Monster presented several times daily at the Sesame Street® Safari of Fun's™ Sunny Day Theater.

The animal attractions at Busch Gardens are what set it apart from the rest of the theme parks in Florida. There are animal attractions featuring birds, rhinos, zebras, kangaroos and more! You should be sure to check their newest animal attraction, the Animal Care Center, as well as the Bird Gardens, Cheetah Run, Edge of Africa, Jambo Junction, Jungala, Lory Landing, Myombe Reserve, Rhino Rally, Serengeti Plain, and Walkabout Way if you are interested in seeing exotic animals and birds.

Busch Gardens doesn’t forget about the kids though! They can dig into nearly an exact replica of King Tut’s tomb, go see some of their Sesame Street friends at the Sesame Street Safari of Fun, explore the Treetop Trails, or hop on the Serengeti Railway.

The up-close tours have the widest selection of options than any of the other categories. You can enjoy the animals in the Serengeti Safari, Jungala Insider, Serengeti Night Safari, Elephant Keeper Experience, Keeper for a Day, Heart of Africa Tour, Tiger and Orangutan Keeper Experience, and the Elephant Insider tour. If you want to enjoy the rides you can do the Roller Coaster Experience Tour. For the ultimate Busch Gardens experience you should check out the Elite Adventure Tour or the Guided Adventure Tour!

Spending a day at Busch Gardens can’t be done on an empty stomach, That’s why there are 16 dining options including Up-Close Dining, Family Favorites, and Quick Bites. Busch Gardens also offers a All Day Dining Deal where you can have all you care to eat at any of the participating restaurants.

If you are looking to enjoy an adventure filled day with exotic events and sights that make memories Busch Gardens is the place for you!
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Busch Gardens

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Busch Gardens - Rides

As soon as you step into Busch Gardens you can hear the clunks of the carts and tracks and screams of the people on any one of their roller coasters. You have many options of roller coasters at Busch Gardens no matter what your thrill level. Usually the hardest thing to decide is which one to ride first!

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Cheetah Hunt

Launch into the ultimate excitement of Cheetah Hunt®, our newest roller coaster experience that coaster enthusiasts can't stop talking about. This triple launch coaster carries riders high above the park, then races down along the ground through a rocky gorge. At a length of 4,400 feet, it is the park’s longest thrill ride attraction.

Busch Gardens - Cheetah


Named after the sub-saharan bird, this roller coaster replicates it's every move when attacking it's prey. You go up a 200 foot slant to be dropped at a near 90 degree angle just as the bird does.

Busch Gardens - SheiKra

Congo River

You and a group of friends, family, or random people can get together and set sail on the Congo River. The raft takes you down and under waterfalls and turns through a river leaving you wondering what comes next.

Busch Gardens - Congo River


The largest double headed wooden roller coaster in the South East. For those who have never been on a wooden roller coaster Gwazi's twists and turns will be the best experience on such a rare structured coaster

Busch Gardens - Gwazi


This open floored coaster will be one of your biggest challenges. You will swing around and between large structures that look like they are only inches away. Montu is one of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world and is a must ride for the thrill seekers.

Busch Gardens - Montu

Rhino Rally

Taking the visitors out on what seems to be a tour of Africa the Rhino Rally gets you up close to some of the worlds most dangerous horned creatures

Busch Gardens - Rhino Rally

Animal Attractions

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Busch Gardens - Animal Attractions

The animals at Busch Gardens are the closest you can get to exotic in Florida. Taking advantage of the tours that bring you as close as possible to these wonderful animals. Make sure you visit each and every one so you are able to get full knowledge of everything so you can spot other animals around the park!

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Bird Gardens

This free flight aviary puts you among the most beautiful birds in the world. Their vibrant colors will amaze and astonish you as they hop from limb to limb and fly from tree to tree.

Busch Gardens - Bird Gardens

Edge of Africa

Walk through the safari on the edge of Africa and come across these exotic beauties in their natural habitat. You shouldn't be surprised if you see hippos, lions, hyenas, lemurs, meerkats, crocodiles, ad lappet face vultures.

Busch Gardens - Edge of Africa


Get close enough to a bengal tiger to feel the fear within yourself, ride a zip line through the tree tops on stand in a jungle outpost and look an orangutan in the eyes. This is all possible at Jungala.

Busch Gardens - Jungala

Other Attractions

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Busch Gardens - Other Attractions

These attractions are so unique it was hard to classify them into anything else, you can do things you've never dreamed of doing or do some of the less thrilling things or children's activities. Start by touring by train or digging to King Tut's Tomb whichever you choose is the right decision if you are looking to have fun.

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King Tut's Tomb

Little adventurers with big ambition are encouraged to dig down and explore King Tut's Tomb where they will find nearly precise replicas of the world known artifact.

Busch Gardens - King Tut's Tomb

Serengeti Railway

This relaxing ride gives you the chance to view free-roaming herds of giraffe, zebra, antelope, ostrich, and more! Not only do you get to see natures beauties you can also see the roller coasters as you travel around the park in one of four locomotive engines.

Busch Gardens - Serengeti Railway

Up-Close Tours

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Busch Gardens - Up-Close Tours

Getting to see an Animal from a car or train is one thing but getting up close to where they can actually eat the food out of your hands is another. You will be amazed at how gentle and friendly these animals really are.

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Serengeti Safari

Grab a spot on a spacious open-air touring vehicle and trek across the wide and wild African Plain on an unforgettable Serengeti Safari. Our Serengeti Plain is a 65-acre recreation of life on the home of the last great migration on earth. Here you'll see hundreds of fascinating animals and get up-close to some you can even feed by hand. You’ll meet familiar favorites like our zebras, giraffes and ostriches while learning about other exotic animal species.

Busch Gardens - Serengeti Safari

Tiger and Orangutan Keeper Experience

Live the life of an Tiger and Orangutan Keeper where you will help the staff prepare the animal's food, see where the animals live, and even perform routine health exams. You will be able to place food in an orangutan's habitiat and watch them find it and more!

Busch Gardens - Tiger and Orangutan Keeper Experience

Keeper for a Day

This six and a half hour tour shows you the ins and outs of a keepers everyday life. As you look after every animal you will begin to build a bond with them and may even find a passion in the working field of this job.

Busch Gardens - Keeper for a Day


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Busch Gardens - Dining

With all of the rides and attractions that this park offers you can be assured that there will be a place to go when you are feeling hungry there are two types of dining options Busch Garden offers: The Family Favorites which are usually full meals for the whole family or Quick Bites which are snacks you can get on the go. Or you can get an "All Day Dining Deal" where you can eat all day for free.

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Zagora Cafe

A great place to eat if you are a very health concious person, they serve breakfast as well as lunch and dinner with a variety of healthy alternatives.

Busch Gardens - Zagora Cafe

Orang Cafe

Not only can you enjoy a soft serve treat at the Orang Cafe you will also be entertained as you eat while watching the Orangutans play.

Busch Gardens - Orang Cafe

Garden Gate Cafe

Step into a flower and tree filled area in which you can munch down on a pizza or variety of sandwhiches and enjoy a meal with your family or friends.

Busch Gardens - Garden Gate Cafe